next:learning lab® light

DIve iNTO a WorlD Of Agility and self-organization FOCUSED ON WHAT IS NEEDED IN YOUR COMPANY NOW


Self-organization, psychological safety, decision-making without a boss... is that something for us? There is a jungle of ideas, organisational blueprints and concepts on new forms of working that spark curiosity.

With our next:learning lab® light we focus on specific components from world of agility and self-organisation. We dive into new principles of agility and make first practical experiences with them possible. In this way, competencies can be built up in specific focus topics or evaluate if this is the direction they want to go.

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Slim fit

Time is of the essence, the budget is limited. Nevertheless, new forms of work seem promising for your company? We focus in a few modules on building up competences in the main topic of your choice.


On the surface, we  prefer to stick to swimming. In ournext:learning lab® light we enable an  in-depth exploration of topics around self-organisation and new ways of  working.


In addition to the next:learning lab® light, there are topics from"real business" burning? That's exactly what we're looking for. Because it is precisely when mindset and methods from newwork meet business topics, that our customers can experience their effectiveness first-hand.


Too good to be true? In next:learning lab® light, participants can see for themselves concepts, mindset and methods of new forms of working. In this way, it becomes immediately apparent what added value it will bring to one's own company.

next:learning lab® LIGHT


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PErsonal Development
Team Development
Methods & Tools
Mind & Culture
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Everything there is to know about the next:learning lab® light:

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