Next:learning LAB®

Experience agility, innovative power & ownership first-hand and bring it into YOUR DAILY BUSINESS


Many companies crave for more dynamics and agility in their business routine. Decisions should be made faster, culture should support innovation and employees should be able to deal with complexity using methods and tools available.

To achieve this, you need the opportunity to develop the necessary competencies and people who lead the way with motivation and commitment.

In the next:learning lab®, participants experience the principles of agile organizations, can experiment with them and transfer what they learn directly into their company. In this way, participants are given all tools to promote change within the company and to act effectively.

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We create a fundamental understanding for principles of self-organization and ensure psychological safety in the lab. Participants dive into and experience a VUCA-world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigue - where they learn to apply these principles and deal with the unknown.

REAL Cases

In hands-on casework we work on topics of our own company. We make cultural patterns visible and take measures to develop them further. We become aware of our own behaviours and change them in small steps. Because #changestartswithyourself

Evolutionary Learning

In the next:learning lab® we learn together, from each other - and sometimes consciously unlearn. Because we often get stuck in autopilot-mode of everyday life. We develop systemic thinking, expand our perspective and learn from pioneering organizations.

Start by Starting

One should, one ought, one could. In the next:learing lab® the rule is: just do it. In the lab we develop prototypes. If they are safe enough to try, they are tested in the organization. We learn from this and initiate next steps and improvements.

next:learning Lab®

THat' 'S Inside

Organizational Development
Personal Development
Team Development
Methods & Tools
Mind & Culture
Level of Customization

Travel  Route

Thenext:learning lab® is a learning journey that extends over 8-12 months. Inaddition to 5 modules, participants work in two self-organized teams each. Theentire "map" can be downloaded here:

next:learning lab® Travelroute

FAQ' s

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