next:learning lab®

Developing competencies for self-organization, empowering people to drive change or bringing new momentum to a transformation.

In the next:learning lab®, participants experience the principles of agile organizations, can experiment with them and transfer what they have learned directly into their daily business.


next:learning lab® LIGHT

Developing a purpose, expanding psychological safety or getting to know concepts from the agile working world.
In the next:learning lab® light we focus on specific topics. Participants can try things out in the lab, gather experience and immediately bring it into their work environment.



Establish an agile organization, a holistic training and development concept, changing corporate culture...

Together with you, we develop suitable and sustainable solutions and accompany you step by step in the implementation.


Leadership coaching

Leading by example, paving the way for sustainable change or a re-organization and growing as a leader.

In personal coaching, we work in a private setting to help raise the effectiveness of your leadership while staying true to who you are.

About US

This is Us

When everything is running too slowly, sluggishly and with too little commitment, we at 99rabbits bring new momentum to your company. We apply principles of agile organizations in every consulting step. In this way, customer centricity, innovation  and ownership are experienced from day 1. So that it can be easily be integrated into everyday business.

Employees and managers develop the necessary competencies for self-organizationand change the company from within.

What brought us together was the next:pedition. A one year long learning jearney hosted by dwarfs&Giants where we could immerse into the world of agility and self-organization, learn important concepts and visit pioneering companys.



Maik Puk


As a visionary, Maik always sees the potential in teams and organizations. With his drive, it is easy for him to implement this vision step by step.

Maik has many years of experience in personnel and organizational development in a corporate environment - including the development of holocratic organizations.

He finds it easy to introduce new structures and decision-making processes. He also always knows how to provide the right technological support. Creating prototypes and moving quickly into implementation, making mistakes and learning from them, and dealing constructively with tensions are strengths Maik brings to every consulting project.

You'll earn extra points when working with Maik if you know your way around the Star Wars universe or at like to eat well.

Valentina Müller-Hinteregger


Valentina's work focuses on leadership development and change management. She has a clear view on customer focus and effectiveness.

Planning a first draft for an intervention, looking at it holistically, simply discarding it and developingit step by step until it is not only effective but also feels good, are typical characteristics of her.

Through her emphatic manner, she manages to build a space of trust in which participants can resolve conflicts and develop their potential.

Leadership Coaching for her, is an important part of her work. As this is a main aspect of successful transformation.

She loves a good dessert and when she talks about her son, her eyes sparkle.



Despite being perfectly satisfied with my job, I worked out things to improve through very pleasant conversations and conscious reflection. Overall, I was capable of reducing stress in my work life and find out to focus on the right task at the right time. During the conversation, I also gained more confidence in myself and my work.




Coaching Sessions with Valentina are really helpful and it is great to work with her on my specific topics. She is always well prepared, keeps the overview of previous sessions and can always refer to topics that were discussed earlier on. Valentina supports to deepen one’s self-reflection tremendously. Her approach makes her a great coach, her sessions are always focused and I was always looking forward to the next session.

Marcel Haerri, Pricipal Cloud Architect at RedHat